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I know, I can’t deny
You’ve been a friend to me
I turn around and treat you like
You’re my worst enemy
And still you keep your promise
To hold me in sickness and in health
But dearly beloved
Can you save me from myself

And I know the price you pay
Is more than I revealed
As I send you into battle with
The demons I concealed
Still you hold me closer
And I cry when I see
How bad you wanna help
But I can’t surrender
Can you save me from myself

No use in hiding
I can’t keep from back sliding
The tornado I’m riding
Spins you around everyday

All I do is confuse you
I don’t want to abuse you
I’m so scared I could lose you
That I’m trying to push you away

Still you sit beside me
And you say you don’t want
Somebody else
Can you forgive me
Can you save me from myself
Dearly beloved,
Can you save me from myself

by Larry Campbell